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Välkommen som ny Kickstarta medlem by                    _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  


Thank you for your registration via Benify! We at Kickstarta Online would like to wish you a warm welcome. You will be automatically registered and will receive our welcome email in your mailbox. 

You will receive our emails every week that will guide you to succeed with your training and diet. You also get our training app completely free with over 100 training exercises and about 50 programs. The program includes a complete diet program with recipes for all goals during your 12 weeks.


You also get a 30% discount on the training products we use in Bodyweight's web shop. You use the code "BENIFY2022! To receive the discount, it is deducted at check-out in the webshop.


What is included in the  Kickstart Online program?

  • 12-week Bodyweight training program

  • 12-week diet program with recipes for all goals

  • 12 week program for periodic fasting 16-8

  • 12 week program for Power Walking

  • 12 weeks with one "Challenge" per week

  • 26-week information letter for training

  • 26-week information letter for diet and fasting

  • 26-week information letter for motivation

  • Free training app for iPhone & Android - 100s of exercises

  • Weekly results update in the member portal

  • Kickstarter's free support is via e-mail 24 hour response

  • Member portal for you as a participant in Kickstart

  • Facebook group Kickstart Online under the program 

  • Facebook group Kickstart Connect after the program

  • Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop (30%)

KICK START ONLINE - A 6-month program with training and diet programs. Lose weight with others. Kickstarta is a program aimed at integrating both diet and exercise - two important parts to achieve both lasting weight loss and lasting new habits. We have our own support group during and after your weight loss.

Our method is to combine training with your own body weight and periodic fasting 16: 8 for best results. We give you all the food recipes for each meal throughout the program. We want to increase the motivation for several positive lifestyle changes, changes that will give you permanent weight loss! You will receive the three weekly letters throughout the 26 weeks of the period.

In addition, there are three customized training programs for 12 weeks, a new one every month with the Bodyweight Training System. Bodyweight's straps are easy to handle, can be used everywhere and therefore facilitate the opportunity to get training into the everyday puzzle. A very warm welcome!

PS! Take the opportunity to download Bodyweight's training app below! and download our booklet in the basics of periodic fasting which you will find immediately as a Pop-Up when you enter our site.

On the button below, you download our booklet with all the parts that KICKSTARTA ONLINE contains.

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