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Bodyweight® Training System is training that is performed with your own body weight. You can train anywhere, anytime. It is a simple training tool with a nice and user-friendly mobile app that is very easy to follow. Special weight reduction program included. With Bodyweight® training system, you can adapt your training to a suitable level. The only thing you need besides Bodyweight® training system is your own body!

The training in the Bodyweight® mobile app will be divided into four phases. In the mailings that come every week, you get information about how much movement you need to get into your everyday life based on the number of steps, warm-up before the training and tips and tips about training with the band. Every week you will also be challenged with "Challenge of the Week". Exercise increases in intensity as you get more energy through the diet. During the first 2-week phase when energy intake is at its lowest, strength training will not be as extensive. In the next phase during week 3, strength training is intensified with programs that are more fat-burning and then expanded further, after which you get your body used to the periodic fast. You will be amazed at how much more energy you will get.


We start with beginner level to later go to more advanced level. Still training that everyone can perform! The app shows all training exercises in a video and image format. You get clear information about which exercises to perform and which muscle groups you train. In addition to the Kickstart program, the mobile app has about 125 hundred exercises and about 50 ready-made programs. The training program you will use during the activity can be found in the app under the heading "Xtras" and "Kickstart 2022".

Read more about Bodyweight and order on our website

You can also watch our training "in action" on our  youtube channel .

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