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KICKSTART ONLINE - Lose weight with others. Kickstart is a 6-month program with the aim of integrating both diet and exercise - two important parts to achieve both lasting weight loss and lasting new habits. We have our own support group during and after your weight loss.

Our method is to combine training with your own body weight and periodic fasting 16: 8 for best results. We want to increase the motivation for more positive lifestyle changes. 

Bodyweight® Training System - a complete training tool that you can use for strength training, functional training, training mobility, strength and balance. Today, hundreds of thousands of people already use Bodyweight's suspension bands and mini bands and Bodyweight's training app, a concept that suits almost everyone. Whether you are fit or a beginner when it comes to training, whether you are old or young -  all can use the Bodyweight® Training System. Easy, fast and secure! See more at

Kickstarta's diet program gives you all the recipes for each meal for under 12 weeks. The most important part of the diet is that you will eat in an eating window of 8 hours a day and you will not eat for 16 hours a day.

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