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In the KICKSTART ONLINE concept, you now have the opportunity to get the help and tools to get started to reach your goal weight and start your training! Every week you receive 3 different weekly newsletters. Exercise, food and motivation. The training program changes every month. Kickstarta Online is working towards a permanent weight loss!

Kickstart Online's weight loss & training program is 12 weeks where we combine Bodyweight training with intermittent fasting 16: 8. You receive a customized training program every month with the Bodyweight Training System or Bodyweight Minibands. Bodyweight's straps are easy to handle, can be used everywhere and therefore facilitate the opportunity to get training into the everyday puzzle. In addition, the associated app with video recordings around each exercise makes it easy to perform the exercises. The training session is also no longer than about 20 minutes - something everyone can do!

All recipes for a 12 week menu . Kickstart Online works with intermittent fasting 16: 8. You eat in an 8 hour window, eg 12.00 - 20.00. You get all the recipes for all meals from us in our weekly programs. The diet is specially adapted to reach your target weight. 

In addition, Tips and valuable information about diet, diet and exercise written by experienced dietitians and personal trainers will be sent regularly throughout the activity - all to keep your motivation on top! Even after completing the program, you have access to Kickstart Connect, our Facebook group for those of you who have run Kickstarta. 

In addition to the training products, the only thing you need is motivation to get started and change habits and set clear and personal goals to have a goal image to work towards. Kickstarta Online has a closed Fb group that you can join to easily communicate with others who participate. Everything becomes so much easier when you do it together! Click here >>

Participation in the activity costs €179 for 12 weeks!  NOTE! You get another 14 weeks of exercise advice, diet advice and motivation after the 12 week program. A total of 26 weeks!

The products for the activity can be found at www. . You can buy the products at a favorable price. You who sign up get a full 30% discount on the training products, but the best purchase will of course be if you order package 2, where both products are included. On Bodyweight's website you can only buy the training band  Bodyweight training system  separat. Use the code "KICKSTARTONLINE" at checkout for a 30% discount on the training band. 

So do not hesitate, but register here now!


Bodyweight Minibands €19,99  (-30% discount = €14)

Bodyweight  Training System €99.  (-30% discount. = €69 

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