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We have developed a specially adapted training program for the 12-week Bodyweight Training System. The program begins with three days of training per week for the first two weeks. Week three we increase the pace to 4 days per week. For the last two weeks, there are still four days a week with slightly longer sessions. In addition to strength training, we have powerwalks in the program. During the period we have one walk per day, but increase the step volume week by week. After 12 weeks, you have about 50 programs to choose from in the app that you run on your own.


The training is short and intense and incredibly effective. Bodyweight straps or mini straps are easy to handle, can be used everywhere and therefore facilitate the opportunity to get training into the everyday puzzle. In addition, the associated app makes it easy to perform the exercises. The training session is also no longer than about 20 minutes - something everyone can do ! Read more about the Bodyweight method here >>

In the new app we have added 400 exercises for suspension, mini band, body weight and gym training!


A 12-week complete weight loss program is included with recipes for all meals. The Kickstart method is the most effective way to lose weight permanently. . After a quick and motivational weight loss initially, you gradually move on to eating regular, "good" and well-balanced food. The gradual transition gives you time to adapt to new healthy eating habits, by focusing on one meal at a time. We give you the recipes for what food to eat, but what will be the important part is to eat in what we call an 8-hour window. That's what our periodic 16: 8 program is all about. This is not a diet, but more a way of life. Those who have worked with us say that they have never found it easier to lose weight, but above all that their weight loss is easy to maintain. 

Read more about the different phases of the Kickstarta method here >> . Every week during the entire activity, you will receive guidance on the diet via our mailings, written by experienced dietitians. You can also download our brochure "7 keys to  periodic fasting" here >>

In the new app we have added +300 extra recipes for High Protein, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and more!

You will receive tips and advice on how to cope with eating in an 8-hour eating window. 



Power Walking program with instructions on how to walk, technology, how far, how long. Cardio training is an incredibly important part of your weight loss. If you want to increase something in your training to get faster weight loss, it is Power Walking that you should increase. It really gives results.


When you register, you get a 30% discount on Bodyweight's products. We will also continue to work towards new discounts on various products around our training and diet that you will be able to take part in as a member of Kickstart.


During the first 12 weeks, you will receive one training challenge per week. You choose the degree of difficulty for the challenge. Regardless of how you choose to take on the challenge, we recommend that you do all the challenges again after the activity is over to get a receipt for the fantastic development you will have achieved!



Through our closed Facebook group Kickstart 0nline, you will have a community with other "Kickstarters" and will receive encouragement and pep that will give you the inspiration you need to cope with the lifestyle change that Kickstart is. You also have the opportunity after the Kickstart period to continue for another 12 weeks to really "set" your new lifestyle, you will receive our newsletters every week for three months after your program has ended.

You will receive our various weekly newsletters 3 times a week with training tips, diet tips and motivation throughout the 6 months of the Kickstart period. You can also ask questions to our expert panel.
So take the time to read these weekly newsletters so that you do not miss out on valuable information that can help you on your journey towards a new lifestyle.



When you start, you have access to our Facebook group KICKSTART ONLINE. There you get pepper and advice from us and rob other participants who encounter the same challenges as yourself. After the program, you can join our Facebook group KICKSTART CONNECT for old participants who want to stay in touch.



In our member portal you will be able to enter and follow your curve how the weight goes down. You also have the opportunity to upload photos from the time you start until you have gone through the entire 6-month program.

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