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Those of you who have followed us before know that our program has consisted of the powder diet combined with the bodyweight training. We have chosen to change our entire program as we feel that we can no longer stand behind powder diets. There is research that shows that over 90% fail after completing a powder regimen. Something we ourselves experienced up close. One of our participants lost 15 kilos during our program in 6 weeks. 6 months after the treatment, he weighed in a couple of kilos more than when he started, and he is certainly not alone. In the beginning, we thought about why there are so many who are on Kickstart ether Kickstart. Of course, it is good for the business to have customers who constantly come back, but when it comes to weight reduction, it is only proof that the weight reduction does not succeed, after completing the diet you gain all the kilos again.

We decided before the summer to change our concept. We want to stand behind something that delivers a sustainable and lasting result. Of course, we will keep our group Kickstarta Connect which provides pep and advice between Kickstarts. But we will not implement any more Kickstart with meal replacements. You who want to lose weight must get a new habit that works and that you can live with for the rest of your life, otherwise you will not succeed.


The bodyweight training and its exercises are made to suit everyone, regardless of physical starting position. An exercise can be made lighter or heavier depending on how, and at what angle in relation to the band, you are standing. To make an exercise heavier, increase the angle, to make it easier, decrease the angle.

The bodyweight exercises offer lots of opportunities and variations, where there is always room for development, in each workout. New for this autumn is that we add but Bodyweight Miniband which is a latex band you train with. Flexible, cheap and easy to carry. Perfect for the trip. In our app you will find all the exercises and programs for KICKSTARTA.ONLINE. The training is 3 days / week the first week and then increases to 4 days / week.


In our 12-week program, we give you all the recipes for all the meals. But the most important part of our diet is that the eating takes place in an 8-hour window and then you rest your stomach for 16 hours. It's called periodic faJag I run periodically fast myself and have to say that it is by far the best I have tested. Both for weight reduction and health benefits. What are the benefits then? Research shows that inflammatory markers in the body decrease, blood sugar becomes more even. Your immune system becomes stronger and a form of detox / detoxification begins when you apply periodic fasting. Other effects of fasting are that the hunger hormone ghrelin decreases and the satiety hormone  leptin _cc781905-bd-b5. Fasting also means that the body chooses to use more fat as an energy source than carbohydrates and it increases fat burning and also increases muscle mass.

It is therefore really good to combine intermittent fasting with exercise. You do not need to exercise to get good effects from fasting, but the effects seem to be even better when combined with exercise! Yes, the benefits are many. One thing that is good about periodic fasting is that you do not have to think as much about food. You eat in your 8 hour window. Then you rest 16 hours of which 8 hours consist of sleep. 

A typical day in our program begins the day with you getting up and having a large glass of water. Black coffee or tea is ok during fasting, but remember no sweetening or milk. Then you eat your first meal at 12.00, snack at 16.00 and then end the evening meal at 20.00. It's not harder than that. You can easily say that you skip breakfast and let your stomach rest. The diet we recommend is a high protein diet with lower levels of carbohydrates. Recipes come with our program. As I said, the biggest benefit of periodic fasting is the health benefits and that it is a lifestyle you can maintain and that will help you maintain your new weight while keeping you healthier. You can also download our brochure "7 keys to periodic fasting" here >>

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