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With our "1 kilo per week" program, we combine Bodyweight's bodyweight training and 16:8 intermittent fasting. We create a healthier, stronger, and much lighter body. BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART is a 12-week program with a complete meal plan, including recipes for all meals. In combination with the diet, you will train with the effective Bodyweight band training. Everything is collected in our new app for iPhone and Android, and in printable formats.

You will also get a progressive Power Walking program for three months. Each week, you will also receive the "Challenge of the Week." After the 12-week program, you will receive 3 communications per week (diet, training, and motivation) for an additional 3 months, making the total program duration 6 months.

In the app, you will also find training for the gym, mini bands, and just your own body weight. Over 400 exercises and more than 300 recipes!

Contents of the BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART program:

- 12 weeks of Bodyweight training program, 3 different programs
- 12 weeks of meal plans with recipes for all meals, including vegetarian options
- 12 weeks of intermittent fasting 16-8 program
- 12 weeks of Power Walking program
- 12 weeks with a “Challenge” each week
- 6 months of training newsletters
- 6 months of diet and fasting newsletters
- 6 months of motivation newsletters
- All gathered in the BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART app for iPhone & Android
- 400 exercises for suspension, mini bands, bodyweight, and gym
- 300 recipes for High Protein, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, etc.
- Weekly results updates in the member portal
- BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART free support via email with a 24-hour response time
- Member portal for participants in BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART
- Facebook group Kickstart Online for current program participants
- Facebook group Kickstart Connect for those who have completed the program
- Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop (30%) and on training trips
- As a participant, you now receive a lifetime membership to the app (Value 1799 SEK/year)

We already have thousands of participants who have completed the BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART program with outstanding results. We dare to say that our program is one of the most effective on the market for permanent weight loss. Read more about our method at

Welcome and become a BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTARTER!


Price Options
One-time purchase
€35.00every month for 6 months
  • 2 veckors returrätt. Om du inte är nöjd med vårt program inom 2 veckor så betalar vi tillbaka dina pengar. 

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