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Kickstart Online - 12 week program for permanent weight loss!


With Bodyweight's bodyweight training and intermittent fasting 16-8 in combination, we create a permanent weight loss. Kickstart Online is a 12-week program with a complete diet program with all recipes for all meals. In combination with the diet, you train the effective Bodyweight band training. You get three different monthly programs in app format for iPhone and Android, as well as formats you can print. In addition, you get an increasing program in Power Walking for three months. Every week you also get "Challenge of the Week". After the 12-week program, you will receive 3 communications a week (diet, exercise and motivation) for another 3 months, so in total the program lasts 6 months.


  • 12-week Bodyweight training program
  • 12-week diet program with recipes for all goals
  • 12 week program for intermittent fasting 16-8
  • 12 week program for Power Walking
  • 26-week information letter for training
  • 26-week information letter for diet and fasting
  • 26-week information letter for motivation
  • Free training app for iPhone & Android - 100s of exercises
  • 12 weeks with "Challenge of the Week" once a week
  • Weekly results update in the member portal
  • Kickstart's free support is via e-mail 24 hour response
  • Member portal for you as a participant in Kickstart
  • Facebook group Kickstart Online under the program
  • Facebook group Kickstart Connect after the program
  • Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop


We already have several thousand who have gone through Kickstarta's program with extremely good results. We dare say that our program is sometimes the most effective on the market for permanent weight loss!


Welcome and become a Kickstarter you too!


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  • 12-week Bodyweight training program and diet program with recipes for all goals. 26 week information letter for training, diet and motivation. Free training app for iPhone & Android - 100s of exercises.  "Challenge of the week" once a week.901 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Kickstarta's free support takes place via e-mail, response within 24 hours. - Member portal for you as a participant. Discounts on all Bodyweight products in the shop. m m.

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