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BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART 12 Week Training & Diet Program ENG

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Introducing BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART - a comprehensive 12-week program designed for rapid and sustainable weight loss. Our unique approach combines the crucial elements of both diet and exercise to foster lasting changes in your body and lifestyle. Throughout the entire journey, a dedicated support group will be there for you, ensuring ongoing assistance during and after your weight loss. Our methodology involves integrating bodyweight exercises and adhering to an 8-hour eating window (intermittent fasting 16:8) for optimal results. Over the course of the 12-week program, you'll receive curated meal recipes and a comprehensive training regimen. Enjoy a 12-week training plan featuring the BODYWEIGHT® Training System, utilizing easy-to-handle bands that can be used anywhere. This flexibility makes it convenient to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your daily routine. The simplicity of the exercises is a key feature, with each training session lasting no more than approximately 20 minutes – making it accessible for everyone. Workouts can be performed using our equipment or just your own body. Upon completing the 12-week program, you'll continue to receive support for an additional 12 weeks. Our team will provide guidance on diet, training, and motivation to ensure your continued success. Join the thousands who have already achieved their weight loss goals with the BODYWEIGHT® KICKSTART Program over the past three years!

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